Our Story

We were builders.  With the heavy weight of managing our teams, our job sites, and our businesses, we realized that securing the right financing and processing draws dominated our time and attention, as well as that of our staff.   After losing relationships with subs, we figured there had to be a better way, so we made that better way a reality.  We built a platform that would transform the lending and draw process from a manual, time-intensive one to a fast, easy, and transparent payment solution.

With CoFi, builders enjoy the new payment standard of on-demand financing so they can focus on what they each do best - build.

Our Values

Look to do more, give more, be more.
Celebrate success,
learn from failure
Measure twice,
cut once.
Commitment to
our clients.
Be trustworthy
and authentic.
Time is money,
so make it snappy!

Our  Vision

As CoFi continues to evolve, we commit to protecting the financial needs of every contractor and developer.  We are revolutionizing construction finance, taking manual and inefficient processes and transforming them into a modern and simple experience.

Our  Team

Mike Lacey


Cameron Harris


David Rockwood


Andrew Poulsen

VP of Sales

Joe Gallegos

Software Engineer

Haley Teixeira

Customer Success Manager

Valerie Jackson

Regional Director

Jacob Gallegos

Software Engineer

Amand Kilpatrick

Inspection Specialist

Andi Carlstrom

Software Engineer

Robert Salas

Customer Success Engineer

Cade Gardner

Software Engineer Intern

Luke Phillips

Software Engineer

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At CoFi, employees are empowered to do their best work, and to be their best self.