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Nothing in construction is easy, except this.

You’ve got enough to worry about, so your finance solution should help, not hinder. CoFi has partnered with the best lenders to offer financing to meet your needs. We’ve removed compromise from the equation.

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CoFi gets your projects funded and gets you paid faster with ease.

Don't sweat these details.

Your best work is done on the job site, not in the office. Don’t let the details of construction finance get you down—or slow you down. Automate project funding with CoFi and pour your energy into passion.

Access the best capital.

If you’ve got problems with financing, you’ve got problems with everything else. CoFi gets your projects funded by our contractor friendly lenders so you can focus on building, not chasing money.

Payments when you need them.

No more monthly draws. No more extended timelines. No more payday loans. With CoFi, get paid on your terms.

Measure once.

With CoFi, there’s no second guessing. We’ve streamlined and simplified our finance processes, leaving no room for confusion. Build with confidence.

No more documents and decimals.

When you’re building dreams, you don’t want to worry about paperwork. CoFi removes the hassle and stress from construction finance.

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"We chose CoFi because of how much time it would save us internally. Our builders have raved about the software, they have given nothing but good reviews of the new automated draw process."
"CoFi has given me the peace of mind to know that all of the validation for my construction payment requests have been taken care of. I can then focus on accurately disbursing funds."
"With the use of CoFi, we've been able to decrease our average payrate to our subcontractors by almost 10 days, which allows them to get their vendors and suppliers paid quicker. We really become a team player."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of construction loan products does CoFi and their partner lenders offer?

CoFi and its partner lenders have a wide variety of construction loans for builders and developers in both Residential and Commercial. Loan types include A&D (acquisition and development), vertical, and new construction. For new residential construction loans, CoFi sources funding for single- and multi-family, fix n’ flip, build-to-rent, and one-off infills scaling up to large developments. For commercial construction loans, CoFi offers the full spectrum of commercial real estate lending.

What kind of partner lenders make up the CoFi marketplace?

CoFi’s partner lenders are strategically selected for their dedication and investment in construction financing. To get your projects funded, the marketplace contains regional and community banks, credit unions, as well as a variety of specialized private money lenders.

What rates are available?

Builders know that rates are tied to risk and review. With the variety of lenders CoFi offers, expect the best possible rates for your project.

What kind of details do I need to get started?

Be prepared to provide the basics - typical plat, proforma, budget, cost/value, address. Don’t hesitate to secure an appraisal on your project as most lenders value that assessment. Click here to get started.

How long does it take to get a loan?

Timely decisions are critical for business. Depending on the project, borrower, and elected partner, new lending relationships are typically formed and loans are closed within a few weeks.

How much equity do I need to get a loan?

Equity requirements vary based on the goals and desired outcomes of the project. Our team and lenders are here to help. CoFi will seek to understand your position and find what would be best for you.

What range of LTV and LTC does CoFI and its lending partners offer?

Each lender has different risk appetites. CoFi has lenders that will go as high as 90%+ on LTC and 80% LTV.

How do I get started?

Click here to fill out our form to get started. A CoFi representative will be with you soon.

How are my draws paid?

Draws with CoFi can be paid via ACH, Check, Wire, or Account Transfer* (if available).

How long does it take to turn draws?

We understand that the speed of payment is critical to a successful project. CoFi and participating lenders turn draws on-demand.

Will I qualify for a loan with CoFi?

Traditionally, decisions to lend rest with the four C's of lending: Capacity to repay, Capital, Conditions of the loan, and associated Collateral. Although most of those details continue to drive decisions, most of our lenders dive deeper in the project, builder history and experience. Most of our builders qualify.

Does CoFi run a credit check?

Each lender is different, and a credit check may be required to close on a loan through CoFi.

Do I need an appraisal?

All lenders are different and an appraisal is an important part of real estate, estimated project value, and construction lending. CoFi recommends an appraisal on most properties and projects.

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With years of experience in construction and development, we provide the expertise and understanding to ensure success for everyone involved.

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