On-Demand Construction Financing

CoFi is a digital platform that allows contractors to get project funding on-demand.  Loans can be sourced by multiple financial institutions to ensure the best terms for builders in a streamlined, simple process.  CoFi empowers builders to secure financing backed by on-demand payments, allowing them to bypass draws.

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Construction Loan Marketplace

CoFi’s Construction Loan Marketplace offers builders the ability to submit project details in one central place and receive the best rates and terms in the industry.  Whether it's traditional or more privatized lending, CoFi has relationships that allow builders to find the financing that's best for them.

Digital Landing Platform

CoFi’s Digital Lending Platform facilitates a seamless, real-time interaction between builder and lender.  It provides access and transparency to both sides of the loan, resulting in an easy yet powerful way to stay on the same page and get paid.

What customers say about CoFi.

“We chose CoFi because of how much time it would save us internally. Our builders have raved about the software, they have given nothing but good reviews of the new automated draw process.”
Kylee Gladwell
Wasatch Peaks Credit Union
“CoFi has given me the peace of mind to know that all of the validation for my construction payment requests have been taken care of. I can then focus on accurately disbursing funds.”
Erik Tadje
Brighton Bank
"With the use of CoFi, we've been able to decrease our average payrate to our subcontractors by almost 10 days, which allows them to get their vendors and suppliers paid quicker. We really become a team player. They perform better with us and we perform better as well. It's just a win-win situation all around when everything is running like a well-oiled machine."
Ed Axley
Davies Construction